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Logical errors in computer hardware and software can have significant economic and societal impact, while errors in the embedded systems that are increasingly used in safety-critical applications like “drive-by-wire” and implantable medical devices, can lead to loss of human life. Formale Systeme II: Theorie SS 2016 Prof. Dr. Bernhard Beckert Dr. Mattias Ulbrich Slides by courtesy of Andre Platzer, CMU KIT { Die Forschungsuniversit at in der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft 2021-04-03 · "The system we created is in many ways one of the most complicated cyber-physical systems that has ever been fully verified formally," said Andre Platzer, an assistant professor of computer science. He and his collaborators, Ph.D. students Sarah M. Loos and Ligia Nistor, will present their findings at the International Symposium on Formal Methods, June 22 at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

Systems. Theory. Broadly, my research interests lie … CMU-CS-14-120 Unpublished.

Sammanfattningar - CMU - StuDocu

På två minuter kan du lära dig allt du behöver om Platzer Fastigheter - våra kärnvärden, strategier, organisationens uppbyggnad och finansiella mål. Kontakta oss 031-631200, Besöksadress Kämpegatan 7, Postadress Platzer Fastigheter AB, Box 211, 401 23 Göteborg. Öppettider 08-16.

Sammanfattningar - CMU - StuDocu

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News & Press Releases; Updates & Alerts; The Link Magazine Andr e Platzer (CMU) Logic of Hybrid Games 23 / 29. Soundness & Completeness: Consequences Corollary Harel’77 convergence rule unnecessary for hybrid games, hybrid systems, discrete programs. Corollary (Characterization of hybrid game challenges) [ ]G: Succinct invariants discrete 0 2 Andre Platzer (CMU) FCPS / 02: Di erential Equations & Domains 5 / 12.

Platzer cmu

I am interested in the intersection of machine learning and systems. The real excitement of this area comes from what can enable when we bring advanced learning techniques and system together. Platzer, Loos and Nistor showed that they could verify the safety of their adaptive cruise control system by breaking the problem into modular pieces and organizing the pieces in a hierarchy. The smallest piece consists of just two cars in a single lane. Andre Platzer, assistant professor of computer science, is one of 10 young scientists chosen by the editors of Popular Science for the magazine's annual "Brilliant 10" list.
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Platzer cmu

Faculty and Researchers · All Publications. CMU · FCT. (with Steve Awodey, Stefan Mitsch, and André Platzer). Departments of Philosophy, Computer Science, and Mathematical Sciences.

2021-03-31 André Platzer, Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.
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André Platzer. Affiliation: Carnegie Mellon University.

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2012b. Differential Game Logic for Hybrid Games. Technical Report CMU-CS-12-105.

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Separating Axioms. 4 Expressiveness.

Nathan Fulton, Ran Ji, and Andr´e Platzer February 15 2016 Abstract(The main objective of this project was to provide technology for an- swering crucial safety and correctness questions about verification of au- tonomous vehicle and advanced driver assistance systems based on logic.